Covid-19 Marketing Ideas for Agents

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. We understand this is an unsettling time and want you to know that we are available to help out with any projects that might come up. Our team is still working full time and helping clients come up with creative ways to continue marketing.

As we adjust to the “Shelter in Place” lifestyle, here are some ways we are adjusting our marketing strategies.

10 “Shelter in Place” Marketing Ideas for Realtors and Loan Officers

  1. Virtual Open House
    • Hold a Virtual Open House for your current listings or to advertise Coming Soon properties. This can be done as a casual Live Stream video or you can create a more structured presentation and share it through video conferencing. Ask us if you need help creating templates or promoting your virtual Open House.
  1. Social Media
    • Social media use is skyrocketing right now. It’s a great time to step up your social media presence and get in front of people searching online. Instagram and Facebook Stories have hit record high view rates. And short, simple updates/ideas relating to Covid-19 are getting great traction online. We can help you create quick announcements about federal relief programs, office closings, transaction timelines, and local businesses.
  1. Video Updates
    • Videos, in particular, are in heavy consumption. Use this time to set up an attractive place to film videos at home with your mobile phone. Talk about the real estate market, what is happening with transactions, opportunities with lower mortgage rates, and other relevant topics.
  1. Mail a Card
    • The strain of Social Distancing has a lot of people feeling sad and lonely. This is a great time to send cards to people who may be feeling isolated or missing human interaction. Sharing a positive message in a thoughtful card could brighten someone’s day and help you build a better relationship.
  1. Digital Resources
    • There are a lot of ways that we can keep the real estate market moving without face-to-face interactions. Let clients know about all of the ways you can support their needs with digital tools. It is possible to buy and sell real estate in a paperless, touch-free environment. Educate people about docusign and other online sales tools you can use to keep the marketing moving.
  1. Client Check-In Calls
    • Make calls to check in with your past clients and referral partners. First focus on their needs and feelings. Ask how they are managing during Shelter In Place and what concerns they have. Be ready to share your thoughts on real estate, interest rates, and the local markets.
  1. Request Reviews
    • Most people want to be helpful and supportive during this unusual time. Ask clients to help your business by writing a testimonial for you online. Make use of this time at home to build up your online reviews on Google and Zillow. Professionals with more than 15 online reviews are considered more trustworthy and are more likely to be contacted by new clients.
  1. Digital Presentations
    • With virtual meetings as “the new normal”, it’s important to have professional presentations ready. Just because you are not meeting in person, doesn’t mean you should put less into your meetings. People want to see attractive graphics, compelling copy, and interactive resources. Popular presentations in our industry typically include Buyer, Seller, Financing, Relocation, Luxury, Military, and First-time Buyers. These presentations can all be adapted to work in this new environment. How can an agent market property and listings now? Can a Loan Officer secure financing without meeting in person?
  1. Virtual Caravan
    • Caravans are a real estate staple. They are a great way to pitch new properties and get industry updates from a variety of experts. Consider hosting a Virtual Caravan and bring together a group of real estate professionals online. It is a networking opportunity and an excellent way to hear about the impacts people are seeing in their hyper-local markets.
  1. Save the Day
    • A lot of people are having challenges with their existing real estate transactions and many transactions may fall out due to financing issues. If you have the ability to offer creative financing or find workarounds for people, this could be your opportunity to Save the Day.
    • We are also seeing both the federal and state governments push out homeowner relief programs. Stay informed and become a resource for others. This is a scary time and we could all use a hero.

We hope this list helps sparks some marketing ideas and motivates you to make the most of a bad situation. Let us know how we can support your business. We are here to help.

As always, we thank you for your business and support. If you know of any fellow real estate agents or loan officers who could use marketing help amid this trying time, we would greatly appreciate your referrals.

Stay home, stay safe, and make sure to take care of yourself as much as possible.