The 5 Best Tips For Buying a Home During Times of Inflation

With market volatility raging on throughout the month of May and inflation showing no signs of slowing down, it may seem like a poor choice to purchase a home during these times – but that’s not true. Timing the housing market and waiting for the perfect moment to buy your next home or property can […]

List of the Best Technology and Digital Apps to Use When You Are in the Market

Home office with a desk and laptop computer

Today, almost every sector has enhanced its user experience with technology and digital resources. For the mortgage and real estate industries, adapting to the changes with technology was a must. Technological advances, the convenience of digital tools, and mobile apps have increasingly gained momentum over the last few years. Since the pandemic in 2020, it […]

December 2021 Real Estate and Market Trends, San Diego, CA

DEC 2021- RE Market Trends Report

Mortgage rates remain low but are steadily ascending. Although demand remains strong, buyers are being met with more opportunity and a less competitive market. There are always moving pieces in any market and this one is no exception.   *This article is intended to be accurate, but the information is not guaranteed. Please reach out […]

July 2021 Real Estate and Market Trends, San Diego, CA

Will the summer market cool off? Some say we may have passed the peak of the hot spring housing market, but it’s likely to stay heated for the months ahead. The demand from buyers remains at high levels, but some moderation appears to be arriving across the market. Listing prices are still rising nationally but […]