How to Sell a Home When Living With Children

Selling your home is one of the biggest undertakings you’re likely to go through in your life, and between dealing with realtors, the market, potential buyers – and everything in between – it’s likely to come with a certain amount of stress. Selling your home while your children are still living with you can compound […]

How to Prepare for the Spring Season

The average median home prices increase across the nation, available inventory continues to fall short of demand, and inflation hits another peak. What makes the Spring Housing Market this year a good time to buy? While 2022 will offer its challenges for buyers and sellers, housing professionals are hoping for more normalcy but also expect […]

How has the Real Estate Market Shifted in 2021?

white stucco house with cactus garden under a blue sky

Looking back over the last two year, we have seen a lot of changes take place in the Housing Market. From the way houses are sold to mortgage rates, from home values to inventory, it is clear that the market has adapted to the many shifts that have taken place. The pandemic being a driving […]