What Does Your Credit Score Mean for Your Mortgage Rate?

woman behind a counter smiles as customer scans credit card

Your credit score is an important factor in qualifying for a good mortgage rate. The higher your score, the lower rate you can qualify for.  A score of 740 or above is considered excellent, and can help you secure the best rate. A drop of 100 points could cause a drop of 1 percent. This […]

How has the Real Estate Market Shifted in 2021?

white stucco house with cactus garden under a blue sky

Looking back over the last two year, we have seen a lot of changes take place in the Housing Market. From the way houses are sold to mortgage rates, from home values to inventory, it is clear that the market has adapted to the many shifts that have taken place. The pandemic being a driving […]

What is on the Wishlist for Homebuyers in 2022?

Bathroom with marble tile and gold framed circular mirrors over white vanity and sink with a luxury feel. What is on the Wishlist for Homebuyers' in 2022?

With new listings come more choices for homebuyers and more competition for sellers. Builders are doing their best to keep construction pace up to the demand for new inventory to arrive in the coming year.